The Power of Concentration and The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism


TheronĀ Q. Dumont
Kindle Book


THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION is a course of lessons intended to teach the reader how to concentrate, with the belief that the person who is able to concentrate can better utilize constructive thoughts and shut out the destructive ones. Lessons include: Concentration Finds the Way; The Self-Mastery, Self-Direction Power of Concentration; How to Gain What You Want Through Concentration; Concentration; the Silent Force that Produces Results in All Business; How Concentrated Thought Links All Humanity Together; The Training of the Will to Do; The Concentrated Mental Demand; Concentration Gives Mental Poise; Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits; Business Results Gained Through Concentration; Concentrate on Courage; Concentrate on Wealth; You Can Concentrate, But Will You?; Art of Concentration with Practical Exercise; Concentrate So You Will Not Forget; How Concentration Can Fulfill Your Desire; Ideals Develop by Concentration; Mental Control Through Creation; Concentrated Will Development; Concentration Reviewed.

PERSONAL MAGNATISM Teaches How to Exert a Powerful, Irresistible Influence Upon the Reason or Will of Another. The book is simple and straightforward, and it uses some techniques that are very effective but have fallen out of use, perhaps due to lack of understanding of the principles that make these techniques work.


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