Miracle Power for Richer Living (Kindle)

Only Authorized Edition


Dr. Joseph Murphy
Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition available


You will be amazed at this book’s down-to-earth practicality. You are presented with simple, usable formulas and techniques which anyone can apply in the workaday world. The special features of this book will enlighten, appeal and reveal to you the reason why oftentimes many people get the opposite of what they prayed for. This book will also point out to you clearly the reasons why.
The age-old cry which you yourself have often heard is, “Why is it I prayed and prayed and yet I receive no answer?” In this book you will find the simple answer to this common complaint. The many simple programs, formulas and techniques for impregnating your subconscious mind and getting the right answers make this an extraordinarily valuable book in extracting from the treasure house of eternity within you all the riches you need – spiritual, mental, material and financial – enabling you to lead a full, happy, rich and joyous life


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