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Memory: How to Develop Train & Use It And Practical Mental Influence


William Walker Atkinson
Kindle Book


MEMORY–The success of every individual in his or her every day life, business, trade or other occupation depends in one way or another upon possessing a good memory. The idea of cultivating a good memory is carried out in detail as the reader progresses with the various stages of the subject through this book. The reader will see that the first thing
to do is to find something to remember; then to impress that thing clearly and distinctly upon the receptive tablets of the memory; then to exercise the remembrance in the direction of bringing out the stored facts of the memory; then to acquire the scientific methods of recollecting special items of memory that may be necessary at some special time.

PRACTICAL MENTAL INFLUENCE is a course of lessons on Mental Vibrations, Psychic Influence, Personal Magnetism, Fascination, and Psychic Self Protection. It contains Practical Instructions, Exercises, and Directions capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by any person of average intelligence. Contents: The Law of vibration; Thought waves; Mental induction; Mental concentration; Mental imaging; Fascination; Hypnotic influence; Influencing at a distance; The need of the knowledge; Magic black and white; Self-Protection.


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